Advisory on Raising Capital

Whether it’s debt or equity capital, Stone Oak’s professionals can help you tap both traditional and non-traditional sources of capital in a variety of situations.

Stone Oak has served the Alberta market for over 15 years. Our staff of M&A experts provide capital advisory in the following areas:

Rapid Growth and Expansion

If you are experiencing significant growth in your business, Stone Oak can help find the capital and structure financing terms that are most appropriate for the expansion.

Restructuring or Refinancing

If you are needing to replace current lenders, Stone Oak can assist with accessing new debt or equity markets, including senior debt, mezzanine debt, high yield and private equity.

Strategic Acqusitions

If you are considering a strategic acquisition, Stone Oak can manage the overall acquisition process including pricing, financing, structuring and negotiations.

Shareholder or Management Buyouts

If a shareholder would like to exit the business or if a management team would like to acquire ownership, Stone Oak can advise on the capital financing structure and sources to complete the transaction.

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