Business Acquisition Advisory

Stone Oak provides acquisition advice for privately held businesses seeking to expand current operations. Our expertise in acquiring mid-market companies has helped numerous businesses achieve their growth objectives.

Stone Oak has served the Alberta market for over 15 years. Our staff of M&A experts provide business acquisition advice in the following areas:

Development of Acquisition Strategy

If you are considering pursuing an acquisition, Stone Oak can assist with determining the business strategy and acquisition criteria for potential targets.

Acquisition Review and Assessment

If you have identified potential acquisition targets, Stone Oak can assist with the valuation of the target and preparation of letter of intent.

Deal Sourcing

If you are searching for acquisition targets, Stone Oak can help find the most appropriate acquisition candidates using proprietary deal sourcing methods.

Lead Acquisition Process

If you are in discussions with a potential acquisition candidate, Stone Oak can manage the overall acquisition process including pricing, financing, structuring and negotiations.

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