Stone Oak works with leading mid-market businesses to achieve their goal of maximizing value through M&A transactions.


Our experience in advising on mid-market transactions contributes to an astute assessment of business value.


Our counsel on mid-market acquisitions has assisted numerous business owners in achieving their growth objectives.


Our expertise in executing sell-side transactions has helped business owners maximize value when selling all or part of their company.


Experienced, focused, and driven to maximize value.

John Carvalho, CA, CBV, CF


Colleen Dufresne

Senior Advisor

Vince Gallant, CA, CBV

Senior Advisor


Stone Oak strives to be at the forefront of thought leadership related to mergers and acquisitions. Here are a few of our most popular articles on the topic.

Conference room interior with panoramic windows and city view. 3D Rendering

Every deal has its own unique challenges, but just about every successful deal has three key elements in common.

Idea and leadership concept Vintage  bulbs on wall background,  copy space for text

Grasping the basics of technical valuation can go a long way toward helping business owners increase the valuation of their business.

Business concept, working in office

Sellers tend to have no idea how buyers finance an acquisition, but a look inside can show a business owner what it takes to complete a deal.

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